Category used for the Province of Somerset – Champion Gardener 2020

  • Photo of Richard Parrish

    Richard Parrish

    Our garden is small. The slightly wild and informal planting is designed to attract wildlife. Currently our nest boxes are…

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  • Photo of Terry Porter

    Terry Porter

    This was due to be our 14th year of our shows team building show gardens at venues such as Chelsea,…

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  • Photo of Jeff Farley

    Jeff Farley

    I hope you will enjoy this glimpse into our garden. Although these pictures were taken 2 years ago the garden…

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  • Photo of Tim Wilson-Chalon

    Tim Wilson-Chalon

    The garden has been developed from a field over the last 44 years. The first photo shows a wild life…

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  • Photo of John Williams

    John Williams

    Over more than 20 years Trish and I have remade this garden , much of which was a derelict potato…

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  • Photo of Terry Ransome

    Terry Ransome

    Rosemary and I started work on our garden soon after we moved here in 2016. First job was to get…

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  • Photo of John Nicholson

    John Nicholson

    May Blossom sets everything off. Wildflower area is a new venture for this year and is starting to look good,

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  • Photo of Tony Putterill

    Tony Putterill

    spend many hours attending to growing large chrysanthemums which starts in March from cutting to large flowers in November. This…

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  • Photo of Geoff Seaman

    Geoff Seaman

    We downsized about 8 years ago because we (me mainly!) got fed up with maintaining a large garden which we…

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  • Photo of Pat Morrisey

    Pat Morrisey

    My (our) Gardening project.Last August whilst strolling across my acres of decking to my surprise I fell through up to…

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