Category used for the Province of Somerset – Champion Gardener 2020

  • Photo of Alistair Lindsay

    Alistair Lindsay

    We’ve nicknamed the garden “Ourgaff-on-sea”. It’s had a much needed clearout and with the kids off school its been a…

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  • Photo of Chris Crump

    Chris Crump

    After some 10 years the line of posts in the back garden that we inherited were on their last legs,…

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  • Photo of Alan Clayton

    Alan Clayton

    To me, gardening is about taking a piece of ground and fashioning it to be pleasing to to the eye.…

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  • Photo of John Appleby

    John Appleby

    I planned the garden with different evergreens so the garden, in general, looks the same all year round. Movement was…

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  • Photo of Adrian Halliwell

    Adrian Halliwell

    In October 2012 Anne and I moved into our bungalow, having spent three months renovating the inside of it, bringing…

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  • Photo of Michael Gagg

    Michael Gagg

    One thing about lockdown it has given me time to work on the garden. Our garden is not very big…

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  • Photo of Nicholas Arrow

    Nicholas Arrow

    A quiet corner. PS Where a member of 3 Somerset Lodges can relax – actually in Devon!

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  • Photo of Rory White

    Rory White

    Our garden is one-tenth of an acre and since our arrival six years ago we have extended beyond the solitary…

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  • Photo of Malcolm Toogood

    Malcolm Toogood

    We only have a small garden, but have been steadily working at it since we initially laid it out about…

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  • Photo of Kevin Beavan

    Kevin Beavan

    Eventide at Rose Cottage Fordgate near Moorland. Six years after the flood and having been 5ft under water, the garden…

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